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At True to You, we believe that real lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why each of our programs are designed to be undertaken over 90 days with weekly coaching that is your time. These coaching calls are designed to put the spotlight on your needs and unlock the secrets to your best life. Whether you are struggling with excess weight or looking to address symptoms brought on by years of ignoring your body’s unique needs, we can work together to address the issues that are getting in your way for better health. Choose From:

90-day Intensive Weight Loss Method:

This 90-day program will lead you through the process of uncovering the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are limiting your ability to nurture your body from a place of reverence and appreciation. 12 modules will guide you to gently implement practical strategies and incremental lifestyle and health changes that boost your confidence and let all that’s you shine through. 

90-day Thriving with Diabetes Method:

Diagnoses such as diabetes that require us to radically change our diets can leave us feeling confined to a diet that we don’t enjoy or looking to chemical sweeteners to fill the gap. This 90-day method will bring back your confidence in the only body you have and nourish it to health and satisfaction as part of your new ‘normal’. 

90-day Heart Health Intensive:

Take back your vitality with this 90-day program that aims squarely at resolving wellness gaps where your heart’s health is concerned. Learn what’s keeping you from living a heart-healthy life and get the tips, tricks, tools and insights you need to make lasting changes in your overall health and wellness.

Empower-hour Health and Nutrition Consult

Sometimes our food system can feel like it’s rigged against us – like everything is bad for us and we have to eat organic and drink directly from a mountain stream to feel good in our skin. It’s. Not. Realistic. 

Learn what foods to look for and where, and get expert tips on interpreting ingredients, portion sizes and their impact on the body. You’ll have all the information you need to make great food choices for you and your family.

Not Sure What You Need?

No problem! Book a complimentary consultation with me where we will spend some time getting to know each other and understanding how the True to You method can change your body and your mind!