Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health coach?

As a health coach, it is my joy to help you ditch the shame and the guilt around your health and lifestyle and show you how to get the answers you need for the life you want – from within. I provide weekly education, resources and a ton of encouragement as you uncover new truths on your road to great health. I’m on Team ‘You’!

If I don’t live in your city, how can you help me?

I help women across North America make positive changes to their health by meeting with them remotely over video conference. There is no cost associated with using these platforms and this meeting method means that many of my busy clients can take their weekly coaching calls over their lunch break!

Without being on a strict diet, can I really lose weight?

The aim of the True to You method is to address the underlying reasons that we continue to make dietary choices that do not honour our bodies. Combined with education, the method empowers you to make health a lifestyle – so you can do away with those rigid diet plans.

How long do clients work with you?

Big changes take time to integrate – your mind might know what it needs to do but until your psychology is anchored in a profound personal understanding of your Big Why and your inner limitations, application of the principles is likely to fail – and we’re here to win. For this reason, my clients work with me for a minimum of 3 months (90 days) after their initial complimentary consult.

Do I have to have a serious health issue to work with a health coach?

Absolutely not. I work with many clients who have no major health concerns but want to learn new ways to integrate healthy habits to live a longer, healthier and more energized life for themselves and their families.

Who do you work with?

My clients are typically women who have been trying diet hacks for years without lasting results. Typically, my clients are looking to lose weight and reduce stress in their lives without the rigidity of a prescribed diet plan.

Do you recommend a certain diet?

Although there are some foundational principles to consider when planning a diet, each of us is individual and what works for one will not work for all. I work closely with clients to determine what foods work well to promote wellness for their unique physiology and lifestyle.

Can I only sign up for a 90-day program?

If a 90-day program isn’t right for you right now, I also offer stand-alone consultation to help get you started on your road to wellness. Don’t forget to take advantage of your complimentary consultation call with me. 